Decorative Modern Wood Grain Border Round Silent Wall Clock for the Living Room

  • Material:wood+glass+suzuki movement
  • Carbon battery is easy to use,which is convenient and safe。
  • They keep accurate time silently, allowing you to enjoy your home in peace

  • PERFECT DECORATION:The concise design, goes really well with family room,living room,bedroom,kitchen,bathroom,office,dining room,or any wall of any color.It is not only a decorative wall clock,but also a great gift.

  • SILENT WALL CLOCK:Quiet clock,no"TICK TOCK",no loud ticking,no noise,this silent wall clock won't bother you when you reading,working,thinking, conversing or sleeping.

  • Remark:If you do not use the carbon battery for a long time, take out the battery, otherwise the carbon battery will flow out corrosive liquid, which will easily cause damage to the material.