Creative Abstract Art Resin Ornaments Geometric Origami Style Animal Home Decoration

Dark Khaki
Light Green
Light Yellow

Half of childhood memory will start from this children's room, select a few novel, interesting jewelry, to the baby design a room they like, very lovely small animals placed, very suitable for children's room dressing, you are also hit by this fairy tale bubble

The color that added a little bit ash drops,  have simple sense, let a person see more like, blended the exterior of origami more, appear line is fluent, edges and corners is clear, vogue reveals individual character again, suit to put in the place such as TV ark, desk, porch, children room, make magical tong space.

Resin material, detailed description of exquisite, and animal modeling, make the personality is not lack of generous.

size :9cm,14cm, 24cm
color :red blue and pink