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Many people don’t wear head protection while biking, which results in them feeling unsafe while riding. Traditional helmets tend to be expensive, bulky, and inconvenient to store and carry, and if damaged are not able to be recycled. This biodegradable, foldable helmet is an environmentally-friendly and handy solution. Designed to give cyclists the reassurance that they need to bike safely, it also helps the environment while combining convenience, affordability, and protection.
Foldable Bike Helmet ,Cycling helmet
Constructed from 100% recycled cardstock paper in a radial honeycomb pattern for extra sturdiness, the foldable helmet absorbs shock from any direction just as effectively as customary polystyrene or Styrofoam helmets. As opposed to plastic and other synthetic materials which take over five centuries to even partially break down, this helmet’s sustainable material can be immediately recycled. The honeycomb pattern allows for a sturdy build throughout the helmet, which enables it to absorb hard hits and provide shock protection, distributing any impact evenly around your head to lessen the blow.

The foldable helmet has a universal size measuring 13x30x5cm that fits comfortably on most people, with a flexible material that fits the contours of your head. Its unique, modern, and increasingly popular design has the sleek appearance of a traditional bike helmet, with a little added flair. The available colors are white and brown.

There is no need to worry about it taking up space! The helmet folds flat for easy transport, going down to the size of a banana with no extra fuss. It can be easily carried by the strap and eliminates the added annoyance of toting around a bulky helmet, keeping your hands free for activities, shopping, eating, and more. If you plan to save your helmet for multiple uses, it can easily be stored in any small space in your home, such as in a drawer or on a bookshelf.

The helmet is inexpensive and can be easily recycled when you are finished with it. It costs a small portion of what you would pay for a customary bike helmet, and you receive the added convenience of easy transport and disposal with your purchase.

This biking helmet is a great alternative to traditional head gear, giving you the luxury of protection, affordability, and convenience. With this you can bike long distances safely without having to worry about head trauma while on your adventures on the road. Give yourself security and expediency while also contributing to the wellbeing of the environment and buy your foldable helmet today!
Foldable paper helmet  cycling bicycle  helmet